• Jul 08, 2014
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Home Decor Inspiration: The Rose

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The rose is a symbol of love, beauty and intimacy. It blooms into a flower, rich in color and scent. With traits like these, the rose offers perfect inspiration for any room design. From deep reds to piercing whites, there are endless ways to use a rose in a design. Follow this guide to creating a room that will bloom like a rose.

Red Rose


Red is a bold color. It can quickly take over a design if it is not used in the right way. Use an accent wall and a vase of flowers to get that rose inspiration. One red wall will completely change the look and feel of a room.

Pink Rose


Pink is a more delicate color, but often forgotten in room design. Pink can be used in many different rooms in the house, and, no, it's not only for a little girl's bedroom. This pink bedroom is sophisticated and comfy. The use of floral patterns on the window treatments makes the design more intricate and mature.

White Rose


White is the color of serenity and often gives off a calming sensation in a room design. Use a white rose and its green stem to inspire a peaceful, serene room. White walls and furnishings paired with green accessories and lots of natural sunlight will always equate to a beautiful room.

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